what if you could swipe left on everything you hate in your life?

A romantic comedy built on white lies, pink elephants and grey areas.

Four sisters are taking charge of their own destiny, one cocktail at a time.

Louise dreams of an exotic lifestyle, miles away from Hackney.
Nick comes along. Famous, fit, funny and filthy rich.
Louise will stop at nothing to seduce him. She will fake it till she makes it. All the way to the ka-ching bling ring.
But the little white lies soon snowball into a mountain Louise’s Louboutins can’t climb.

Jess juggles work, two babies, a cheating husband and nannies from hell.
Carla goes on a bender, and wakes up next to her young assistant. Freddie.
Emily is getting over her cheating ex by throwing herself into the dating scene.

When work, dating and proposals…all go wrong, the four sisters’ friendship is their only lifeline.



A bit about me

I was born and grew up in France. After college, I moved to Southern California and lived there for a few years before settling in the UK, first in Wales, then in Surrey. In 2018, we packed all our stuff and shipped ourselves to Dubai, hubby, the 2 little ones, the Chihuahua and myself to follow hubby’s job. Story telling has been a passion since a child. 

Things about me I don’t want you to know:
I rely on my 3-year-old to wake me up in the morning, and consequently blame her if she sleeps in and we’re late for school.
I would rather drink an 'I’m on a Celebrity' insect cocktail than go to the gym.
I pretend to have meditation sessions in order to have a nap.
My kids eat more greens than I do.
80% of my daily water intake is made by coffee, the rest by wine.